‘Female Obama’ Kamala Harris Takes a Position on the Electoral College


Democrats are notorious for never referring to the United States as a Constitutional Republic. They will always call it a Democracy. The Democracy they want is a Socialist one where only Democrats get to rule.

They can do that swiftly by eliminating the Electoral College and that is what they want to do. The Democrats also want to take over the Supreme Court by stacking the court with six to nine liberals.

The new Democrat Party wants total power and they want a fully centralized federal government. The Marxist Barack Obama set America off on the path of socialism, but nothing resembling Denmark. Denmark is a welfare state but it has a free market. That would be gone under the Democrats. Under the Democrat plan, we will be Venezuela. All we can do here at the Sentinel is act as the canary in the coal mine.


Another top Democrat candidate, the sketchy Kamala Harris, the ‘female Obama’, is open to eliminating the College. And the reason why is she knows doing so would erase the vote of smaller states and put the populous liberal/leftist states permanently in charge.

The Electoral College was done deliberately by the Founders and it was brilliant. They saw the danger in smaller states being ignored. Our country was founded on recognizing the rights of states with different needs and interests from those of the left and hard-left.

“I’m open to the discussion,” Harris said in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “There’s no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who’s the president of the United States and we need to deal with that, so I’m open to the discussion.”

The new Democrat Party and all their announced candidates stand for:

  1. Abortion for any reason to the moment of birth, and, in some cases, infanticide
  2. Open borders
  3. Unaffordable Medicare for All so if you want to keep your doctor, you can’t
  4. A Green New Deal that is unaffordable, undoable, and communist in nature
  5. Universal basic income which is also illogical, undoable, and communist in nature
  6. Reparations which are undoable financially and illogical in concept
  7. Confiscation of all semi-automatics and probably more than that
  8. Radical socialist Islamists can say anything racist they want, but whites can’t even questions Islamists
  9. Spending is no problem
  10. Taxation to 90 percent or more is reasonable
  11. Heavy regulations make sense
  12. Rollback of tax cuts that have given the USA an economic boon
  13. All media must be left-wing, and hard-left is preferable to anything on the right
  14. Fox News is evil
  15. Trump and anyone in any way tied to him must be destroyed
  16. Destroy all opposition
  17. Abolish ICE
  18. Do away with all private prisons, and some say all prisons
  19. Eliminate the Electoral College, making us an instant Socialist country
  20. Seize private companies
  21. Put fossil fuel company CEOs and climate deniers in prison
  22. Control free speech with leftists deciding what hate speech is and mandating political correctness
  23. Ballot harvesting is corrupt and they want more of it
  24. Illegal aliens should be allowed to vote and collect Social Security
  25. Citizens have to pay for the housing of others, especially illegals
  26. Huge wealth redistribution
  27. Illegals get more welfare, more college benefits, and they can commit crimes without accountability.
  28. Abolish Due Process
  29. Imprison Trump

What did I leave out? And they call Conservatives extreme? We just want to keep our Constitution and our freedoms. We don’t want to turn into a Totalitarian state and that is what we are headed for.

Democrats won’t negotiate and they don’t care what at least half the country thinks or wants. They will rule alone if given the chance.

The President is defending against the move to eliminate the college, but it falls on deaf ears. Democrats want to elect all future Presidents and Vice Presidents.

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