Female Transgender Says He’s a Human Puppy


According to the DailyMail, Tony McGinn, known as ‘Tony Bark’ to friends, has been into animal role-play all his entire life. The 30-year old is s female transgender who calls himself a ‘human pup’.

This has brought him closer to his husband, he says.

Sometimes Tony plays fetch on all fours and at other times Tony the pup chases sticks.

The female turned male is supported by husband and ‘handler’ Andrew who takes him to play dates with other role-players in LA.

The couple have known each other since 2009 and have three dogs of their own, which they refer to as “bio dogs”.

But that doesn’t mean Tony doesn’t think of himself as a “real dog”. He states confidently that he “identifies as a dog” and says pet play is about getting into the head-space of the animal.

These people vote. Should human pups be allowed to vote? Just wondering.

The couple go to play groups together with like people who do the same sort of thing.

Look, we don’t care what Tony and Andrew do, but don’t tell us to accept this as normal. Don’t! And don’t start having them come to libraries and elementary schools to read to the little kids, please, or ask us to have separate bathrooms for the human pups.



  1. is It House Broken ? Did it have It’s Shots ? Do you Take it to the Human Dr, or to the Vet Dr. ??? Both of them Shouldn’t be allowed to Vote or Breed Either. Does it’s Human handler have Sex with it ? Should then be arrested on Beastality And Animal Abuse Statutes. PATHETIC LOONS.

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