Fentanyl Has Spread from Coast to Coast, Every State, City, Rural Area


Millenium Health researchers say that the US is now blanketed in fentanyl. They detect a ninefold rise across the west. Fentanyl and its imitations have taken hold nationwide.

This is due to the open borders. All fentanyl comes from cartels that get the ingredients from China.

Fentanyl shows up in ever more urine tests across the western United States. The deadly opioid has fully spread from the East to West Coast.

Teen drug addicts, Wikimedia Commons

Eric Dawson, the vice president of clinical affairs at Millennium Health, said his researchers had seen a 146 percent increase in positive fentanyl tests nationwide between 2019 and 2022.

The most significant rises were seen along the Pacific coast and mountain regions, which respectively saw 900 percent and 875 percent increases in detections of the powerful synthetic opioid.

“It’s very scary,” Dawson told DailyMail.com.

“Fentanyl has exploded out west; it’s caught up with the rest of the country, and the country is now blanketed in fentanyl.”

Scenes of fentanyl-addled mayhem are common on the streets of western cities like San Francisco and Portland, but the research shows that even towns and rural and mountain areas have also been badly hit.


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