Finland Closes the Border to Brown People Coming from Russia


Reuters reports that “Finland will close its entire border with Russia to travelers for the next two weeks in a bid to halt the unusually large flow of asylum seekers to the Nordic nation, which the government and its allies say is an orchestrated move by Moscow.”

They’re travelers from Russia.

“Some 900 asylum seekers from nations including Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria. and Yemen entered Finland from Russia in November, an increase from less than one per day previously,” according to the Finnish Border Guard.


“On Monday, he said his country had intelligence information on Russian authorities assisting the asylum seekers and that despite Finnish border closures, there were still more people heading towards Finland in Russia.”

Why shut out the black and brown people? What happened to multiculturalism?

Could it be related to the presence of China and Russia in Africa? Africa is China’s biggest Belt and Road project.

Conservative Treehouse thinks so:

Western media will never say it, but what exactly do you think Russia is doing in Africa?  Think strategically…

I ask again, what do you think Russia (and China) are doing in Africa?

Vladimir Putin and Chairman Xi know exactly how to play the long game with the West.

Treehouse also mentions Italy, where Meloni has caved to Davos. She was too weak for the job. The same people are flooding her country, 1,000 more while she was at the White House.

The same thing is happening to the US as millions of young African single men pour into the US. Shouldn’t we be concerned?

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2 months ago

So sad to see these so called leaders destroying their countries from within…