Fiona Hill shares her Putin conspiracy theory on ’60 Minutes’


The Democrat House leaders’ star witness in the Russian collusion hoax, Fiona Hill, was on ’60 Minutes’ spouting her conspiracy theory about Putin taking over the U.S. She’s paranoid and so far out of the realm of reality that she cannot be taken seriously.

She wrote two books with Clifford Gaddy, her colleague at Brookings Institute and a former Lyndon LaRouche lieutenant. Gaddy ran the bizarre LaRouche operations in Sweden.

Whether he was a suspect in Olaf Palme’s murder in any serious way as the Twitter poster below claims, we can’t say. We can say LaRouche is extremely bizarre and conspiratorial and his group is a cult. Gaddy spent years working with LaRouche to further his ideas and enlarge his organization.

On the other hand, Gaddy is intelligent and has made a miraculous transition from LaRouche to a leftist think tank where he is considered a Putin expert.

Hill is absolutely conspiratorial about Putin. Her comments are absurd.

Putin does have us where he wants us to some degree since Democrats keep using Russia to divide Americans and demonize the President. They have us doubting our systems. It’s not Putin who is doing it. He doesn’t have to do a thing. Democrats empower him and ignore the greater threat — China.

The leftists on Twitter think Fiona Hill is brilliant and they describe her as a national treasure.


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