Fired up Lindsey says Trump could be responsible for another 9/11


Turkey’s President has agreed to a cease-fire and the Kurds are to withdraw 20 miles from the border by the end of the week. As it happens, reportedly, only 28 troops were in harm’s way and those are the troops the President moved. About 1,000 troops are to the South and will be deployed to Iraq. The genocide has not occurred and the cease-fire has not been blown.

Give peace a chance Lindsey.

On Saturday, Lindsey Graham told Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show, ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine,’ that if American troops are pulled out of Syria, ISIS will come back, there could be another 9/11 and President Trump “will own it.”

When Judge Jeanine asked him how long we should be there, he said he is not asking for “endless war,” and only wants it to continue until the threat is removed. He obviously didn’t believe Erdogan when he said he wasn’t going to wait any longer to invade to push the Kurds back from the border.

“The day ISIS surrenders, call me,” Graham replied. “We should be there as long as there is a threat. I’m not asking for an endless war. I am just trying to be smart here. You know, Bush sent 100,000 people in, that didn’t work. Obama left, that didn’t work. What Trump has done is actually pretty smart. A couple hundred of us, less than a thousand, working with the Kurds and the Arabs on the ground, let them do the fighting. We provide air cover and that has worked.”

When ISIS surrenders? That is forever, Lindsey.

He wants a couple of hundred U.S. soldiers on the front, involved in the Turk-Kurd battle that has gone on since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

“All I can say, it takes two to end the war,” he continued. “You may be tired of fighting radical Islam, but they’re not tired of fighting you. If we abandon the Kurds, ISIS will come back and if there is an attack here or against our allies, President Trump owns it — and you can avoid all of that with less than a thousand troops.”

Lindsey has some legitimate concerns, of course. The oil fields could be taken over by Iran and ISIS is still a danger, but why is this only the United States’ job? In fact, the soldiers will be nearby in Iraq.

Graham continued to talk about the significant threats from radical Islam.

“President Trump has actually done something really smart,” Graham continued. “We destroyed the caliphate. But they’re not destroyed as a force. But the caliphate was destroyed with eight American casualties over four years because the Kurds and the Arabs did the fighting. The Kurds lost around 10,000 people. They’re doing the fighting with our help. That is the model. A couple hundred of us working with the Kurds to keep the 10,000 from coming back is really smart.”

“Guarding the oil fields in the south is smart so that Iran doesn’t take them over is smart. Here’s what I would advise President Trump to do and I think he’ll do it — do a deal, take over those oil fields in the south,” Graham suggested. “Share the revenue with the Arabs and the Kurds who helped us fight ISIS and keep the money away from Iran and Assad. You could actually make money in Syria if you took the oilfields over and shared the revenue.

Graham said at one point, “You cannot allow Turkey to displace hundreds of thousands of Kurds, that is not a safe zone. That’s ethnic cleansing. And when Turkey hears that America will not tolerate that, they won’t do it.”

Making the Kurds move from the border is not ethnic cleansing. It’s Syria’s land, not the Kurd’s land.

The YPG is an arm of the PKK in Turkey and they are violent terrorists, to be fair.

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