Interesting Collection of Videos From the World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum (WEF), led by Klaus Schwab, will meet in Davos next week. More than 2,500 delegates and 1,000 private jets are heading for Switzerland to join the elite 1%. Rather than try to explain who they are, we thought you’d like to watch a collection of their clips. To be fair, they are out of context, and we tried to screen for that so as not to misinform and truly represent them.

The delegation that includes five Republicans is listed here. The WEF was once considered a meaningless collective of kooky elites. They’re a lot more powerful now.

We thought this was a nice collection of video clips from the WEF. We could put up so many more, but we see this as a representative collection.

They say mRNA gene editing is the future.

The mRNA shots aren’t gene therapy or vaccines, but terminology isn’t as important as the research on their effectiveness, which is now in doubt.

Future plans do seem to come true.

The middle class as an obstacle might be off-putting to the middle class.

They have an extensive network built up since it’s inception in about 1978.

Lockdowns by mandates.

Cutting electricity to flatten the curve, a popular phrase.

Again, lots of leaders and they are in cabinets.

This is Schwab’s favorite philosopher.

Microchipping future.

Too many people?

This gal is knowledgeable, beautiful, smart, and courageous. That’s my personal opinion.

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