‘First Man’ Didn’t Just Leave Out the Flag, It Bashed an American Hero


The film ‘First Man’, starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, opened the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. It’s already being boycotted after the actor said the scene with Neil Armstrong planting the flag on the Moon was left out. It wasn’t the only problem. They insulted Buzz Aldrin.

Gosling said the achievement “transcended countries and borders” and wasn’t an American achievement.

The film chronicles Neil Armstrong’s life from 1961 to the Moon landing in 1969. It was a promising film before the discovery that Canadian director Damian Chazelle decided it wasn’t an American success story.

Buzz Aldrin appears to disagree with the director’s decision.

On Sunday, Buzz Aldrin, the 88-year-old astronaut, who was the second man to set foot on the Moon, tweeted a picture of the flag planted after the landing in 1969.

He captioned the photo: ‘Proud to be an American.’ Aldrin also re-tweeted a photo of him saluting next to the same picture.

Buzz Aldrin

The director was unkind to Mr. Aldrin, portraying him as a “loudmouth” who was “so blunt about his ambition that no one can stand him.”

Other reviews described actor Corey Stoll’s performance as Aldrin as a “swaggering hothead” who is “cynical, mouthy and insensitive” while one reviewer said his appearances were so scarce that he was all but left out of the film.

That’s disgusting and it was completely unnecessary. Aldrin is a U.S. hero.

Allegedly planting the U.S. flag was controversial at the time and there were discussions of a U.N. flag being used. Congress decided it was a U.S. project which it was.

Allegedly, Armstrong wasn’t concerned about the flag. Armstrong’s sons came out this week in defense of the flag being left out. They took part in the making of the film.

There was absolutely no need to leave out the planting of the flag. The fact that Canadians did it is even more irritating. the director is a French Canadian. It was a dumb idea.

The more you learn about this film, the more you think the director was self-destructive.

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3 years ago

The Franco-Canadian should be reminded that it was US taxpayers who funded NASA”s trip to the moon. The UN was, and still is, also largely funded by the US taxpayers. For this leftist film to even make it to the box office speaks volumes on just how uninformed the general public is when it comes to the proper interpretation of 20th Century history.

3 years ago

Could he have been one of those Canadians that celebrated after 9-11 happened.
At the time I had satellite which carried a Canadian news channel. It was shocking to see Canadians in celebration of the event.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Promoting International interests over national interests. Will not waste my time watching this farce.