Whistleblower, Archbishop Viganò Fears for His Life, Has Gone Into Hiding


Journalists have been uncharacteristically silent about allegations by Pope Francis’s former nuncio Archbishop Viganò. The retired Archbishop claims that the pontiff knew about the sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict on former Cardinal McCarrick, who was accused of sexual molestation of an altar boy and of priests. Most believe the media’s support for the Pope is tied to his leftist political views.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has challenged journalists to uncover a “cache of documents” Pope Benedict XVI delivered to Pope Francis after his election.

“I spoke out because at this point the corruption has reached the top levels of the hierarchy of the Church,” Viganò said in an interview with Aldo Maria Valli, the Italian journalist who helped him publish a controversial 11-page exposé.

McCarrick was removed this past June after accusations grew more public, but prior to that, he was Pope Francis’s adviser.

Viganò said Pope Francis made McCarrick his trusted adviser on President Trump after he removed the sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict.


The National Catholic Register’s Edward Pentin reported that Viganò fears his life is in danger and has gone into hiding. It is unclear why he fears for his life.

It is also important to note that Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, the former first counselor at the apostolic nunciature in Washington, D.C., says Viganò is telling the truth.

Msgr. Lantheaume also said he fears for his life, writing on his Facebook page, but he was half-joking.


There are calls for the Pope to resign. Pope Francis is reportedly “embittered” by Viganò’s allegation but has no intention of resigning. It would be helpful if he would respond to the accusations, but he won’t.

A Pope resigning was basically unheard of prior to Pope Benedict’s resignation.

Pope Emeritus Benedict resigned following a turbulent papacy that included the so-call “Vatileaks” case, in which his butler leaked some of his personal letters and other documents that alleged corruption and a power struggle in the Vatican.

The Holy Father said he resigned of his own free will, without pressure.


The retired 91-year old Pope Benedict XVI defrocked almost 400 priests in two years from 2011 to 2012 for molesting children according to new documents. That is a lot more than the 171 removed from 2008 to 2009.

The Vatican first provided details about defrocked priests in 2008, and numbers only since 2005. This latest information comes from the detailed reports. The Holy See used the data to defend itself before a U.N. committee this week in Geneva. They have not given the report with the data to the U.N. yet.

It was then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger [Pope Benedict] who took action after determining that bishops around the world weren’t following church law to put accused clerics on trial in church tribunals. Bishops routinely moved problem priests from parish to parish. They did that rather than subject them to canonical trials or turn them into police.

According to the 2001 norms Ratzinger pushed through, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reviews each case sent to Rome. They then instruct bishops on how to proceed. They either launch an administrative process against the priest if the evidence is overwhelming or a church trial. At every step of the way, the priest is allowed to defend himself. Some are turned into the police.

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