Hunter Haunts His Father’s Candidacy


Former Vice President Joe Biden has seen a lot of tragedy in his life. Just a week before Christmas in 1972, Biden’s first wife Neilia and their 13-month-old daughter were killed in a car accident that injured their two sons, Joe Biden III (Beau) and Hunter. The boys were aged three and two at the time. Joe Biden was on the cusp of a political career that has now spanned almost five decades.


Beau Biden joined the Delaware National Guard and reached the rank of Major in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Beau was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

While in the National Guard, Beau ran for office as Delaware’s Attorney General. He won the election in 2006 and again in 2010. His political career seemed to be following his father’s path.

But in 2013, Beau was diagnosed with brain cancer. Brain surgery removed a lesion and he received radiation and chemo treatments. Beau was admitted to the hospital in May of 2015, where he died 10 days later. He was only 46.

The death of his successful and larger-than-life son struck another painful blow to Vice President Joe Biden.


Now juxtapose that with the life of Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter. Following his father and brother into law, he graduated from Yale Law School in 1996. But unlike his father and brother, Hunter went into banking and lobbying. He branched out into hedge funds and international investments.

Hunter was sworn in as a direct commissioned officer to a position in the U.S. Navy Reserve during a White House Ceremony in 2013. He received a waiver because of his age, he was 43, and because of a previous drug-related incident. Hunter disgracefully received an Administrative Discharge from the service after testing positive for cocaine just a month after his commission.

Hunter married his first wife, Kathleen Buhle, in 1993 and they had three children. They separated in 2015 and divorced in 2017. During the interim, he began dating his late brother’s widow.

The following year, Hunter fathered a child born to a stripper. He only admitted paternity after he was forced to take a DNA test. Joe Biden has never met his grandson.

In 2019, just ten months after the birth of that child, he married Melissa Cohen, whom he met just six days earlier. They had a son in March of this year.

Now Hunter Biden is embroiled in an international scandal in which he’s alleged to have leveraged his father’s influence for money. It haunts his father’s candidacy for President of the United States.


To complicate matters, some of Hunter’s former partners are now serving time in prison, while he is not. Bevan Cooney is serving a 30-month prison sentence for fraud. He was moved out of his prison cell for his own safety.

Two other former Hunter business partner, Devon Archer and John Galanis, were also convicted of fraud. John Galanis was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his participation in a fraud scheme.

It seems that many of Hunter’s Biden’s former business partners are in prison. Hunter, however, is free as a bird.


One of Hunter’s former business partners is not in prison. Tony Bobulinski recently had one of his emails published in the New York Post. “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China,” he wrote.

Tony Bobulinski was scheduled to testify before a Senate committee on Thursday. At least until the FBI stepped in. Bobulinski was expected to tell the committee about his knowledge of Hunter and Joe’s dealings with foreign governments.

One has to wonder what the FBI will do with Bobulinski’s information. We already know what they did with the fake information from the Steele dossier. They used it against Trump. Will the FBI cover up Bobulinski’s information to protect Joe Biden?

Social Media giants have systematically deleted references to Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine and China. It’s like whack-a-mole. As soon as one pops up they suppress it, only to have others surface somewhere else.

During Tuesday’s debate Joe Biden categorically denied having any knowledge of his son’s dealings. Apparently he forgot he’s on video bragging about having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired because he was investigating his son for corruption.

And then there’s all the potentially explosive information on Hunter’s laptop. With just over a week until the election, Biden’s only surviving son continues to haunt his father’s candidacy.

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