FL Dept of State Says Dems Altered Dates on Election Documents


The Florida Department of State last week called in federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed on official state election documents after the 2018 election, according to Politico.

The “irregularities” are tied to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information.

These “cure affidavits” had to be sent no later than 5 p.m. on November 5th, the day before the election.

The forms in four counties said the ballots could be returned on Thursday. Broward, of course, is one of the four counties.

The counties are all Democratic counties. The errors tilt against Republicans. The GOP wants to know if this was done deliberately.

The information was sent on Nov. 9 by Bradley McVay, DOS’ interim general counsel, who asked that the altered dates be investigated.

They changed the DOE forms which is a problem.

One email included in the DOS document dump now in question included correspondence from Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux, who also said he believed the affidavits were from the Florida Democratic Party.

“Please pass the word to the FDP that they can’t arbitrarily add their own deadline to your form or VBM cures!!” Lux emailed DOS officials on Nov. 9. “This is crazy!”

Caroline Rowland, an FDP spokesperson, brushed off the issue, saying the Scott administration’s election office was drumming it up as a distraction.

Perhaps more of a concern is the lawsuits demanding Florida laws be overturned. Hillary’s lawyer Marc Elias is in charge of that fiasco.



  1. Our election system is in dire need of revamping. Corrupt Liberals have found every flaw in it and use them to fraudulent change election results.
    It’s imperative that we immediately established a Federal Voter ID and that serious measures are taken to fix places where these problems are critical and recurrent like Broward and Palm Beach Counties in FL.
    We need an amendment to the constitution that establishes that every county where irregularities like the ones currently taking place in FL occur is be placed on probation and for five years will count every single vote in future elections under visual supervision of a FBI – State Department of Law Enforcement (like the FDLE in Florida), and any additional costs incurred, other than the presence of the Federal/State task force will be absorbed by the budget of the County under supervision.
    It’s time to hold people accountable before they totally corrupt our system of electing our government officials.
    What good are laws for if there are no consequences to breaking them!?!?!?

  2. Thank goodness Broward County has LBJ’s Affirmative Action “Doctor” Brenda Snipes to make sure everything’s done ethically, properly, and legally.

  3. There is a deep deep state problem here. Pam Bondi and company are worthless for investigating fraud. I reported a provable case of fraud in 2016 general election to
    AG and they laughed, said report it to Broward County DA. I did, sent proof, never heard from them, 2018 election has come and gone, problem still not fixed.

  4. The DemocRATS have lied and cheated for so long it has become a way of life for them. Lying, cheating, crooked Hillary is a perfect example.

  5. Every Democrat is corrupt, inside themselves, so it is no surprise to see them behaving so corruptly and corrupting everything their immoral fingers touch.

  6. Laws are in place to be ignored by the DNC and its minions…..the rest of us are to be required to OBEY the Law…..that is the way of the DNC agenda….imo

  7. Crooked Hillary??? The entire D.N.C. is so crooked they could not walk a straight line to pass a sobriety test. Their cohorts in the mainstream fake media, and now social media too, have the exact same problem…

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