FLASHBACK! When Sen. McCain Colluded with Foreign Governments


FLASHBACK! Some of the events that took place in acquiring and disseminating the Russia-Trump dossier show Senator John McCain colluded with foreign governments, including Russia.

Judging from the standard being used to define collusion, it is safe to say McCain colluded with foreign powers, including Russia. He did it to harm the President or save the country, whichever story you believe.

The dossier has been largely discredited and anything that wasn’t discredited can’t be proven either way. As liberal reporter Bob Woodward said, “it’s a garbage document.” It was put together by a former U.K. MI-5 agent Christopher Steele. It was concocted on behalf of the Democrat firm Fusion GPS.

It was opposition research.

The dossier was a compilation of gossip and scandalous stories about Trump, unsubstantiated stories. Most of it was provided by spies in the Kremlin who Steele knew.

Senator John McCain has admitted he gave the dossier to then-Director Jim Comey.

It seems he did a lot more than he ever revealed to the public

On November 18, at the Halifax International Security Forum, McCain was introduced to a “former senior western diplomat” who had set eyes on the documents and knew who put them together, telling the Arizona Republican that the individual was “highly reliable.”

That man is Sir Andrew Wood, British ambassador to Moscow from 1995 to 2000.

Wood told the Independent that he had met McCain, spoken to him about Trump, and about the potential for him to be compromised. He could be blackmailed with compromising material, according to Wood.

He added: “I would like to stress that I did not pass on any dossier to Senator McCain or anyone else and I did not see a dossier at the time. I do know Christopher Steele and in my view he is very professional and thorough in what he does.”

Rinat Akhmetshin, who is at the heart of the Donald Jr. meeting, was in attendance at the same Halifax conference though there is no evidence at this time that he met with either of the men.

After Halifax, McCain sent a “trusted emissary” to fly across the Atlantic to meet the source of the documents at an airport, according to the Guardian, who did not name the source.

The aide had to look for a man at the airport with a copy of the Financial Times.  Once they hooked up, the source took the emissary back to his house. It was there that he gave him a copy of the documents.

Why didn’t they just give the emissary the address to the man’s home? Why all this absurd subertfuge?

McCain’s a buffoon and so is his emissary. This was nothing but opposition research to help Hillary win, not top secret intel. It was paid for by an unnamed Democratic benefactor.

McCain said that’s all he did

McCain, the Guardian said, was worried that his actions might be interpreted as revenge, but he gave it to the FBI anyway. “‘Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI,” McCain said in a statement about that matter.

“That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue,” McCain claimed.

It is believed that Comey then wanted to pay this same Clinton operative to continue the “investigation”. That, if true, makes the FBI look like a ragtag bunch of Keystone cops.

The 35-page document was first released by Buzzfeed. It was held back by about 12 other media outlets who had it in their possession because it was obviously without substance.

Who gave it to them?

The Arizona senator is now being sued by an aggrieved defendant Aleksej Gubarev, who was hurt by the dossier. He was collateral damage one might say. Gubarev says only two people had the complete document given to the media. Only one of them was an American and that was John McCain.

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