Flashback! When Time Magazine Cheered Clinton’s Collusion With Russia


Everyone is on the Russia-Trump Jr. collusion bandwagon, even much of Fox News. Time Magazine keeps trying to resuscitate itself with unhinged covers such as the latest one with Donald Jr.. The title is “Red Handed”.

In fairness, we don’t know the entire story about the Donald Jr. “collusion” and it doesn’t make for good Trump headlines. However, it appears to be nothing more than a case of some Russians trying to lobby against the Magnitsky Act. There is also some evidence that Donald Jr. was set up by Democrats and Russians. We’ll have to wait and see how it unravels.

However, ironically, in 1996, Time Magazine ran a cover bragging about the U.S./Clinton interference in the Russian election.

Boris Yeltsin was up for re-election in 1996 but his prospects were dim. His popularity was in the single digits.

Bill Clinton entered with an undercover operation

“For four months, a group of American political consultants clandestinely participated in guiding Yeltsin’s campaign, ” Time magazine wrote in a cover story titled “Yanks To The Rescue — The Secret Story Of How American Advisers Helped Yeltsin Win. “Here is the inside story of how these advisers helped Yeltsin achieve the victory that will keep reform in Russia alive.”

The story goes on to talk about Yeltsin’s friend, Felix Braynin, coming up with ways he could win. He went out to helpful “find some Americans” and did so in secrecy. He didn’t want the communists to find out.

They worked through a San Francisco lawyer and ended up with a connection to Dick Morris, Clinton’s top aide.

The American team hid their identities for months with numerous and extraordinary subterfuges.

Clinton helped in a number of ways. He let Yeltsin give the appearance of standing up to the West to combat the press communists in Russia were getting. Clinton bit his tongue when Yeltsin harangued.

According to a Clinton official, “By having Yeltsin posture during that summit without Clinton’s getting bent out of shape, Yeltsin portrayed himself as a leader to be reckoned with. That helped Yeltsin in Russia, and we were for Yeltsin.”

There were ads as well with Clinton calling Yeltsin up on the phone.

The American “advisers” showed up at Russian headquarters as election results rolled in without being recognized. They had won.

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