Flat earthers accuse Rep. Greene of putting up an anti-transgender sign


Democrat Rep. Marie Newman posted a transgender flag — yes, they have a flag. She did it in support of the ‘Equality Act,’ which is actually a Marxist Equity Act.


Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has been much-maligned, has objected to the so-called equality act. She put up her own sign and is now the object of abuse, scorn, and ridicule. The child perverts of The Lincoln Project, called her a bigot. So, please let us know what you think of Ms. Greene’s sign.


We believe she posted a scientific fact. We also believe that the hard-left uses cries of alleged bigotry, racism, cruelty to disguise their communist agenda and make us all kowtow.

The Sentinel will NOT kowtow.

You need to look through the Equality Act. It will seriously harm our 1st Amendment rights. The truth is some, not all, transgenders need psychological help, not flags or scientific disinformation.

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