Florida Man Stands His Ground- Shooting at & Chasing Off  3 Armed Robbers (video)


A doorbell video from an apartment in Neptune Beach, Florida shows three armed robbers breaking into a private residence, this past Tuesday.

Within seconds of breaching the door, we can hear approximately 5 shots, and then watch as the trio of wannabe felons races from the scene, with one even leaping over the balcony to escape.

Police reported one of the home invaders was shot in the chest, and being treated at a local hospital.  The other two were still on the loose.

The male resident, who stood his ground, is not facing any charges.  Shh.  Don’t tell anyone.




  1. In a blue state the homeowner would be under arrest for harming CPUSA comrades.
    Here in Red State entering someone’s castle without permission is extremely dangerous.
    Booby traps and explosives are the only thing not allowed for home defense.
    No private property for the good of the collective? No thanks, I’ll pass.

    • Just read a story from now very blue Virginia where an employee of a smoke shop who was sleeping in a back room woke to robbers. He shot one, the other two escaped. The employee was arrested and asked why he didn’t run away instead of protecting his employer’s property. What a country, what a state of confusion, Virginia.

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