FNC Abandons Live TV at Dangerous, Volatile SCOTUS “Protest”


FNC news anchor Shannon Bream had to bail on her live TV news show last night due to the volatility of the anti-SCOTUS protest crowd. This is the America Democrats want for all of us. You won’t hear Democrat leaders calling for calm since some of them were there and the others support it wholeheartedly.

Democrats are the fringe, radical, progressive [leftist] extremists. They whipped up their Marxist base and rolled them out last night with their pre-printed signs.

The explosive protests were planned and ready to go the minute the announcement of a nominee was made. It didn’t matter who was chosen. Democrats won’t accept that they lost the election.

The Fox news anchor wrote in a tweet, “Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.”

The FNC team had to go back to the studio to report.

Protesters were reportedly screaming back and forth at each other in the midst of a heavy law-enforcement presence.

Some pro-abortion activists held signs that read “Protect Roe” and “Don’t Criminalize Abortion,” while others chanted “Kavanaugh has got to go!”


Democrat leaders were present at the dangerous “protest”, shouting and spreading fear and terror. Two ardent Socialists were present, stirring the flames of hate and spreading disinformation. Bernie Sanders said the people are with them and Elizabeth Warren said they are in the fight of their lives.

Ironically, dangerous Communist Bernie claimed Justice Kavanagh is a “dangerous man”. The claim follows the Justice promising to strictly follow the rule of law.

The media denies the crowds were dangerous or offensive in any way. They are just Americans expressing their First Amendment rights according to them.

It’s hard to know how this country survives without a free and honest press.

Ironically, some pre-wrote their press releases but forgot to add the name.

The unhinged leftists are seen here protesting at Trump Tower last night.


  1. Do we want to abandon our country to a bunch of thugs who have never been said NO to?? ANTIFA MUST GO, either the easy way or the Hard way. The choice is theirs. Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and “Marine General” habitual Liar, Blumenthal, ANTIFA Ellison, Mad Maxine, Adam Schitt, Booker da Hooker and others MUST GO. (You too, Bernie, [the future President of Venzuala) a guy who never held a job ). I supported Obama in his re-election but I have had enough of this left winged crap, open borders, and “Sanctuary Cities. ……(I left my poop in San Francisco….). If you do not want this country to be overrun with communists and Muslims who want to cut off your head and rape your daughters, then you will wake up. Adam Schitt could not tell the truth if his life depended upon it. Do you want Elizabeth Warren to continue in the Senate after she lied, (committed criminal fraud) to obtain a teaching position at Harvard??

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