Follow the Science! 30 Peer-Reviewed Studies Show Efficacy of Natural Immunity


The Brownstone Institute, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit, has compiled a list of 30 peer-reviewed studies showing that those who have recovered from the coronavirus have long-lasting and robust immunity comparable to or better than those who are vaccinated.

The Biden administration will not follow the science and consider natural immunity. Instead, they persist in pushing for more and more draconian vaccine mandates.

Having mild COV can be enough to provide natural immunity for life, so why are the Biden officials and Dr. Fauci ignoring it and others claiming those who have had COV-19 must still get vaccinated?

It’s about control.



    • Covid has always been about control, power, destruction of business, economic destruction and eradication of the middle class. But, the really monstrous thing they are doing, requiring vaccine mandates for the children. Crimes against humanity, worldwide.

  1. Meme of the week besides the let’s go branding cowboys?
    The problem with natural immunity is that it’s free photochopped onto an old cough syrup ad.

  2. I had SARS-Cov-2 back during the 2020 Chinese New Year while I was vacationing in Asia. As of 2 months ago, I had a “reactive” antibody test so I still have immunity. Every Scientific Study I’ve read in the last 6 months indicates Natural Immunity is superior to the “Jab”. Why is the US Government (Fauci and the CDC) hell bent on ignoring the science and trying to force a flawed medication (there is no vaccination) on US Citizens, and only US Citizens? I say follow the money! Everyone involved in the Covid Hoax needs to be rounded up, tried for crimes against humanity, and hanged. The Covid Hoax perpetrated by Government Bureaucrats has needlessly killed hundreds of thousands of people by banning known good therapeutics; that’s mass Genocide. The largest number killed by the Covid Hoax were the Elderly. How anyone over 55 can vote Democrat is beyond me. Democrats have technically killed tens of thousands of elderly in America with their Covid policies and now their economic policies are sending the rest of the elderly to the Poor Farm. Only easily impressionable Morons vote Democrat. Unfortunately, a third of the American voting population is easily impressionable Morons.

    • It’s not just about the money, that’s a side benefit. It’s about depopulation. Gates belongs to the NWO oligarchs and Fauci is his minion. Fauci was on Gates board of directors for years for the Gates/Melinda Foundation. Gates’ daddy and Bill Gates are/were eugenicists. Only 500 million should be on the planet. They and the oligarchy are exercising their plan that has been in the works for decades. You are experiencing evil.

  3. I caught it in January ’20 and have been “feeding” my T-cell system since. I’ve lived through asthma, chicken pox, pneumonia, and mono. Take a shot that kills more than the germ? No.

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