Police, Ordinary Americans Lead the Nation in Fighting Unlawful Mandates


Police officers in major cities across the United States are standing up to unlawful orders that force them to be vaccinated for Covid-19 or face termination.

It’s not only the police, it’s nurses, healthcare workers, Airline employees, NBA players, scientists. They are unsung heroes fighting for liberty while most Americans capitulate for understandable reasons or because they believe in the vaccine.

Police in Chicago, LA, Seattle, San Diego, and Baltimore are standing up against the vaccine mandates which are unlawful.

The vaccine is unproven in time and is still experimental. It should not be forced on people.

Police and Sheriffs are making it clear they will not enforce the mandates.  They can’t become the vaccine police as Sheriff Villanueva has said.


The head of the Chicago Police Union told his members not to offer any health or vaccination information. He stands to lose up to 50% of his force.

President John Catanzaro, the head of the Chicago police officers union has called on the union members to defy the city’s requirement to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave, predicting a shortage of officers as the mandate takes effect this weekend.

In a meeting on Wednesday night, he told members, “Hell no is the best way I can put it, across the board,” he told members.

Since then, a judge has slapped an order on him to silence him.


The Baltimore Police Union told officers to not reveal coronavirus vaccine status.

“It is understandable that our members have questions about a policy with so little information being provided by the city. Until the city responds to our right to bargain these issues, or the courts intervene, I suggest you do nothing in regard to revealing your vaccination status as it is outlined in the city’s policy,” Sgt. Mike Mancuso, president of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 3, said in the letter to members.

Mancuso said his group has been trying to talk to the city for weeks about its “various, and very obvious, issues with their vague policy.”

“FOP3 believes that there are multiple collective bargaining issues that surround the city’s vaccination policy. We have made multiple attempts to sit down and discuss these issues to no avail,” he said.

There is a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, two days after the policy is set to take place. The union has filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the Office of the Labor Commissioner and will be taking legal action to delay the implementation of the mandate.


Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva will not enforce the vaccine mandates on officers and they won’t be the vaccine police.

Sheriff Villanueva said that if his officers don’t want to get vaccinated, he won’t force them. Instead, he will continue to have them submit to weekly tests.

The mandate would cost him good officers who will resign rather than get vaccinated.

He complained that the goal posts keep moving and he won’t impose medical decisions on his staff.

“In 2020, the whole thing pre-vaccination was ICU bed capacity and ventilators. Then somehow once the vaccination became available, all of a sudden now we’re not talking about ICUs anymore. Now it became ’emergency room’.  And then after that, now it’s hospitalization. So they’re moving the goalposts but the fact is we cannot impose a medical decision on each employee. They’re going to have to make that decision themselves,” he said.


Seattle will lose up to 40% of their force and the Guild President said now is not the time to press the vaccine mandate. The force is already gutted. They lost 300 officers due to the Black Lives Matter defund the police movement and will now lose up to 403 officers out of 1,000.


Hundreds of San Diego police officers are expected to leave their jobs over the vaccine mandate.

“We’ve worked really hard trying to build our numbers up. They were very low about 4 years ago and we’re going in the right direction. We’re actually way higher than we were then. This could almost instantly take what we’ve gained back away,” said Detective Jack Schaeffer, president of the San Diego Police Officer Association.

“I’m disappointed with the fact that the city is willing to be far more punitive than our competition,” said Detective Jack Schaeffer, president of the San Diego Police Officer Association. He argues that nearby law enforcement agencies are not mandating a vaccine. The SDPOA has said it’s concerned San Diego officers would apply elsewhere if facing down a mandate.


Disputes over government and business vaccine requirements have spilled over into a variety of workplaces, including one of the nation’s premier nuclear weapons laboratories and the NBA.

Workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory — the birthplace of the atomic bomb — faced a deadline Friday to get vaccinated or risk being fired. A New Mexico judge denied a last-minute request by dozens of scientists and others to block the mandate.

In the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets are not allowing star Kyrie Irving to practice or play until he is vaccinated.

Thousands, hundreds of thousands of nurses and healthcare workers are abandoning their jobs over the vaccine mandate.

Not every city has a vaccine mandate for police. New York, which has the largest local Police Department in the nation, had at least 62% of their cops vaccinated by Sept. 23, according to a Washington Post article. So far, there is no vaccination mandate for the department.


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