Food and Energy Catastrophe Coming


The war in Ukraine, the US and EU war on fossil fuels, and the threat of famine for hundreds of millions of people around the world were predicted by the World Economic Forum or were they planned?

The World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab is amazingly accurate when predicting catastrophes as they plan the replacement – the New World Order.

US farmers warned that we have not seen the real impact of the Russia-Ukraine war due to the timing of the planting season. They had already bought the needed fertilizer, which is skyrocketing in price.

The destruction of our fossil fuel industry most seriously affects farmers and they are forced to raise prices – considerably.

We will begin to see the effect of the Democrat war on fossil fuels in late August or September. Despite the warnings, the Biden regime continues to destroy the energy sector with no substitute in place.


They will tell you we are switching over to alternative energy but alternative energy cannot sustain us. Electric vehicles require fossil fuels and are very expensive. Trucks, planes, and ships that deliver our food and goods require fossil fuels.

We have shortages of truck drivers and a supply chain problem.

Team Biden and Team Newsom continue to add oppressive regulations on all sectors and Biden does it by fiat, without congressional approval.

The war on energy looks like madness, but it’s more diabolical than mad. It is deliberate.


Without oil and gas, our infrastructure and our national security are in grave danger. Coincidentally, it falls in line with the dream of The Great Reset.

Our dollar is collapsing and the US gets poorer every day under Joe Biden.

We will suffer from worsening costs and might face blackouts.

Our politicians see the answer in Ukraine winning the war with Russia. The US is paying most of the freight for this war. They ignore another possibility – negotiating.

Russia wanted the agreed-upon Minsk2 agreement originally. The agreement formally declared Crimea part of Russia and left the Donbas region independent. Ukraine had agreed to it and then didn’t follow through.

What is happening now is so much worse than Minsk2. Even if Ukrainian farmers can farm, they cannot get the food out without ports that are now controlled by Russia.


US sanctions have only hurt the West. Russia has not wavered because of the sanctions. In fact, Russia has formed new Asian alliances and broken free of the US and European financial systems and the dollar. Their ruble is doing fine and they are selling more gas and oil than ever before.

Russian President Putin said in his speech at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that things will never go back as they were. He is aligning with China and other developing Asian countries. They see the West and the US as dying powers.

The worst thing Biden could do – the absolutely worst thing – is to kill that which makes us strong — the fossil fuel sector.

Bizarrely, at the same time Biden hopes to protect Ukraine’s borders, he has left ours open to attack.

The Biden catastrophes are piling up and could soon be irreversible.


Watch these videos for some perspective:

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Ya know
Ya know
9 days ago

Farmers can’t charge more for their crop. They are at the mercy of the market value and in some circumstances can choose to risk keeping their crop hoping the value goes up. They are hit just as bad as the basic consumer by higher prices of fuel and fertilizer. They are going to get a lot of the blame from the corrupt government that is now running things into the ground as well as the corrupt MSM and the ignorant people who believe them.

9 days ago
Reply to  Ya know

Farmers will have to charge more for their crops or their won’t be any crops. Traitor Joe’s policies have ensured that the Cost or production will skyrocket next spring. Luckily, Farmers had already purchased fertilizer for this year’s crop. The Shorts will come next year! I’m already stocking up even thought most of my garden is naturally fertilized.

Ya know
Ya know
6 days ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Farmers don’t decide what to charge for their crops unless they farm hay or they are small time and sell vegetables at farmer’s markets. Otherwise the market decides what they get for their crops. Ever seen it on the local morning news every morning? They give the price the market will give the farmers for their crops that day. Some farmers have already sold what they are growing now at a set price so they may get less than what the market is when it is ready. Correct, most of the fertilizer for this year was bought last year. We use as much of the ‘natural fertilizer’ from our cattle operation that we can on our crops, but it’s not enough. Plus, how are we going to put it on the fields when the fuel runs out? Cost of production has already skyrocketed because of the price of fuel. It cost almost 3 times as much to plant this year than last year and hopefully we will be able to afford to harvest our crops this fall.

9 days ago

The Left in this country are conspiring with Western powers around the world. We’re in a war now and most won’t know it until it’s too late. Stock up on everything. Lifestraws, food, protection. Get to church and developed community.

10 days ago

A Prime Directive of the World Economic Forum is to cull the herd of Humanity by 6 or 7 Billion People. World Starvation is just one tool as is man-made virus.