Footage of Ma’Khia Bryant the media doesn’t want you to see


The media is still trying to prove the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant was the result of systemic racism. The media is portraying her as a victim of a white police officer. Black people are not being held accountable for anything under the mask of ‘systemic racism’ and that helps no one.

Ma’Khia Bryant’s family is filing a lawsuit against someone (we don’t know who yet) demanding justice for the dead teenager who was shot by the police in Columbus, Ohio, The Sun reported.

“Someone has to be held accountable,” Torrence said.

“The family just doesn’t want this to be another senseless killing that goes under the rug and gets overlooked.”

The senseless killing was caused by the out-of-control teen who was shot. She tried to kill someone and never learned right from wrong or the value of human life.

Footage the Left doesn’t want you to see:

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