For $88K a Year, Jewish Kids Can Get a Zoom Education at Columbia


Our imported Jew-haters and homegrown communists who hate everything are causing problems at Yale as well as Columbia University. The President of Columbia doesn’t want NYPD on the grounds. Fine, then she had better fix the problem. Students, Jewish or otherwise, should not be terrified to go to school for $88,000 a year in tuition or under any conditions.

The Professor in this clip is trying to do something about it. There is a big rally today for Israel in Manhattan.

Today, everyone at Columbia gets a Zoom class, and Jewish kids have been offered Zoom classes for the semester after a prominent Rabbi told them not to go to class until the problem is fixed.

The way I look at this as a non-Jew is there, but for the grace of God, go I, and it will be my fate if this isn’t stopped. These people hate Christians, Americans, and our entire way of life. No one should be treated this way, and the victims are young, mostly teenagers or people in their early 20s.

It bothers me that so many Jewish people might hate me because I am a conservative Christian, but what’s right is right. The Hamas people in the clips below are the same people who carry signs that say, “Stop the Hate” or “Punch a Nazi.” They are the Nazi wannabes.

I take it seriously because haters do, and they are coming in every day. If you don’t believe this is bad or it won’t come to your town or state, just watch a few of these clips. Our borders are open, and the colleges will take anyone into the schools for a price. The links came from a poster on Reddit.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab!” / “Resistance is justified”

Physically assaulting an Arab Israeli

“Let it be known that it was the Al-Aqsa Flood that put the Global Intifada back on the table again. And it is the sacrificial spirit of the Palestinian Freedom Fighters that will guide every struggle on every corner of the earth to victory.”

“We are all Hamas!”

“Yehudim yehudim [(Jews, jews)] go back to poland”

Includes people / groups that invited an actual, no hyperbole terrorist to speak (member of PFLP)

Light things on fire / “intifada revolution there is only one solution”

“On Oct 7th, Palestinian resistance in Gaza broke free (crowd cheers) […..] we intend to do the same”

“”We say justice, you say how? Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!” / “Hamas we love you. We support your rockets too!” / “Red, black, green, and white, we support Hamas’ fight!”

“Long live the intifada! Intifada intifada”

“Go back to Europe!” / “You have no culture, all you do is colonize”

Have posters with the faces of PFLP and PIJ spokesmen (designated terrorist groups)

“From Yemen to Gaza, globalize the intifada”

“Never forget the 7th of October. That will happen not 1 more time, not 5 more times, not 10, not 100, not 1,000, but 10,000 times! The 7th of October is going to be every day for you”

“Al Qassam [(Hamas)] you make us proud, kill another soldier now” / “from the river to the sea, palestine will be arab”

Student proudly rocking Hamas logos

“Resistance is justified” (again…)

“protesters on the sidewalk chanted “From New York to Gaza, globalize the intifada,” next to a cardboard sign that read, “Inspired by Palestinian resistance.”

And as a reminder, the student groups organizing these protests (CUAD and SJP, among others) released a letter on October 9th in support of the 10/7 attacks. (“We stand in full solidarity with Palestinian resistance”, “Despite the odds against them, Palestinians launched a counter-offensive against their settler-colonial oppressor”, “We wholeheartedly condemn the email sent […] on October 8th that […] obfuscated Palestinian resistance as “terrorism”)

The donations to Columbia are going to start disappearing. Robert Kraft is done.

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