For an hour, US Amb. to Israel was US Amb to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza


Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo pointed out that the new administration, for which Biden is the figurehead, made some interesting changes to the Twitter page. Significantly, it was to change the title of the ambassador from US Ambassador to Israel to US Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Basically, they are putting a target on Israel’s back and telling the world that all of these territories are up for grabs. This is after former President Donald Trump launched an amazing peace movement in the region.

At the same time, Iran and China are threatening the Biden administration to rejoin the nuclear deal or else. He will cave, but it again gives hegemony to Iran, a terror nation.

This administration will be as anti-Israel as the Obama administration. Actually, this administration is the Obama administration on speed.

The following was earlier today, but they changed it back:

They changed it back but we now know their heart — for certain. In no time, we will be back in a potential war. The clowns in charge made quite a mess and they’ve only been in charge for only a couple of hours.

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