Forget MSM, Watch This Speech by Our President in Japan for Yourself


While Democrats want to reverse tax cuts that sent our economy booming and as they call for open borders and free healthcare for any person who pops into the country illegally, President Trump is trying to work on decent trade deals for the United States and peace for the world.

The media is claiming the President made “ignorant comments” in Japan that were “bad.” One suggested Trump is so stupid the Japanese Prime Minister had to explain Japan’s U.S. investments with a color-coded chart. They mocked him for other issues, like the defense treaty with Japan which is a one-way street — we have to protect them and they don’t have to protect us if attacked. It’s best to watch the speeches yourself since the media is extremely unfair to the President. They always take the worst possible interpretation.

About Kim Jong-un, President Trump said Kim responded very favorably to his request to meet at the DMZ, “so, we’ll see,” he said. The President complimented the relationship with Japan and raved about beautiful Osaka and praised the remarkable job they do with technology.

Their meetings touched on women’s empowerment with Ivanka leading.


The President said they worked on trade that works for all the people, and there were many countries involved. He praised Mexico’s efforts to stop illegal immigration at their southern border along Guatemala. They are sending another 16,000 to the U.S. border.

President Trump criticized the 9th circuit judge who stopped parts of the wall, calling it unfair. He will immediately appeal.

He complimented the “special” law enforcement on the border and all law enforcement. He turned the narrative of the drowned father and daughter back on the Democrats.

The red carpet was rolled out during the dinner with China’s President Xi. Trump said he will neither lift tariffs or add any. He will work with China where they left off. China will spend money to help our ‘great patriot’ farmers in the mid-West. Farmers have had a tough time, and a lot of it was because of NAFTA, he said.

The WTO was another terrible deal that let China deal to our tremendous disadvantage.

He talked about the blue-collar workers benefitting from the new economy based on tax cuts and cuts in regulation. A favorite Democrat lie is the tax cuts were only for the rich.

A reporter asked about Jimmy Carter’s remarks calling the President “illegitimate.” The President explained why he won, complimented Carter as a nice man but made note of the fact that Jimmy was a terrible president.


Jim Acosta asked him about his “coziness” with some of these dictators. He joked sarcastically with Acosta and said he “gets along with everybody,” except “you people, actually.”

Acosta brought up Khashoggi again since he was trolling him. He said the Saudis are taking it seriously and prosecuting the people involved in that “horrible” killing. Trump added that he spoke to the King’s father and no one has pointed directly to his son as the killer. First, he praised their support as allies but condemned the murder of the WaPo reporter [propagandist].

Trump said President Xi said no one ever came to us about trade, and it’s true, no one did. He used examples of 45% tariffs on U.S. cars and almost nothing on their cars.

Donald Trump answered all questions honestly and openly, but you won’t hear that from the MSM. He discussed the Joe Biden–Kamala Harris confrontation during the debate.

Erdogan came up and that was an interesting exchange. He explained the facts behind the problem of the sales of jets. Iran also came up. He joked several times with the press.

He spoke about the border at length at about 1:15:00, and said that in a week, he will start removing people here illegally who were ordered out by courts.

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