Former AGs voter fraud case in Nevada


The former Attorney General of Nevada, Adam Laxalt, describes his election fraud case as presented in court for Shannon Bream on her late-night Fox News show.

Mr. Laxalt wants people to understand how insecure this system is. 600,000 mail-in votes were counted. Also, Nevada has unclean voter rolls.

The situation now is 200,000 of those votes were verified by a machine only. Experts said the signature verification on the machine was lowered to about 40%. That is a fact that was admitted in open court.

Experts say that once you reduce the setting, it takes months and months of testing to get it back to a reliable standard, which was not done. Additionally, the machine requires a 200 dpi photo for the system to work, and the stored photos of signatures are on a much lower setting.

To recap, the machine only examined 200,000 signatures under severely inadequate circumstances. The controls are not handled following state law. No one has been allowed to look at the signatures. As a result, no one has any idea of how many bad signatures slipped through, but some of them must be wrong under these conditions.

Laxalt has individual cases.  His team produced dead voters and 3000 voters who moved. Bream said military who moved could vote in Nevada, but Laxalt said that number was less than a hundred.


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