Former Border Chief Has a Solution for the Border Surge


The spending bill which the President recently signed, and which Senate Republicans prayed for, is in part responsible for the 385% surge from this past month alone. That’s why you see all these children in the groups. Anyone who brings a child and claims guardianship can’t be detained and skips all hearings.

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Tom Homan has a solution. He said the Obama administration went after Central American migrants who illegally enter the country, but skipped out on court hearings where their asylum claims were denied by immigration judges.

He said this administration needs to do the same, and if they don’t, Homan said the surges will continue to grow.

Speaking this week at the Border Expo conference in San Antonio, Texas, Homan said he has “no faith” Congress will give ICE additional funding to house families.

“ICE needs to, in my opinion — and I did this 3 1/2 years ago — these family units and single adults that enter this country illegally, we need to locate those people arrest them, detain them, and remove them. Because if these final orders issued by a federal judge don’t mean anything, they’re not executed, then there’s no integrity in the entire [court] system,” Homan told the Washington Examiner.

“Just open up the entire border.”

The President has another idea — to shut down the border if Mexico doesn’t help to stop the surge. That would present economic issues.

Border Patrol is now stopping almost 4,000 people a day after they cross the border in areas with no barriers. They are quickly released into the U.S. interior.

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