Former CBP chief is extremely worried about the unvetted Afghans pouring into the US


The idiotic Biden administration is allowing the Haqqani network and other Taliban to protect our soldiers and the many refugees flooding the Hamid Karzai International Airport. It’s so stupid, it leaves any sane person speechless.

At the same time, Biden has completely opened our borders and we know that suspected or known terrorists have come through.

The administration is lying about the vetting of the Afghan refugees. The technology they are using is “out of date,” Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield said.

Mark Morgan, the former Chief Operating Officer and acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, joined Stinchfield to address the unnecessary dangers US citizens now face.

Grant Stinchfield wanted to know how you can get biometric information on an Afghan who has been growing poppy seeds on a remote farm. Mr. Morgan said, “you can’t.” He added that the mission is to get people out as fast as possible, people they didn’t vet. They’re doing it “to address bad optics” and “that’s insane.

Mr. Stinchfield said the planes could be Trojan Horses. He asked if we could end up having jihadists “blowing themselves up on Main Street or someplace.” Mr. Morgan responded by saying they’d call us “fearmongers” but “you are absolutely 100% correct.”

“When the main goal is to do it fast,” he continued, and when the government has that as the main goal, “things are missed, things are exploited.”

He pointed out that one terrorist had alreeady tried to get on a plane and scores of others had derogatory information. The former CBP chief said refugees shouldn’t be brought to the US until the government can guarantee they present no threat to this country. The government hasn’t said that and they are bringing them here now.

Mr. Stinchfield said the CBP is being sent overseas, and he asked Mr. Morgan what that means for our country.

Mr. Morgan said our southern and northern borders are wide open, and with fewer agents, the “catastrophic crisis on our southern border gets worse.” The northern border is also a vulnerability that can be exploited by terrorists.


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