Former DA Jeanine Pirro says police don’t know how they can arrest people


Fox News anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro told Tucker Carlson on his show last night that “this is the end of New York,” referencing the new policing de Blasio is setting up.

Not enough people are standing up for law enforcement and “when they do, it will be too late,” she said.

She revealed some startling information.

The police and the administration don’t seem to know what’s going on, but it appears that the police would be afraid to touch anyone, she believes. It’s unclear how they are supposed to arrest people.

Police chases are likely ending also, thanks to “bozo de Blasio.”

They began the interview by discussing the billion dollars cut from the budget. She brought up the Rayshard Brooks case in Atlanta, and said that under the law, they were able to use their gun in that situation. Now the police don’t know if they can use their gun when faced with it in New York The leadership is not clarifying this issue. There are no answers forthcoming.

De Blasio is taking down law and order while these politicians have their own security guards. AOC is ranting ‘defund means defund.’ Jeanine said the poor will suffer the most, and she “absolutely believes…this is intentional.”

Well, Democrats did say they were going to exploit the virus situation.


De Blasio created new immediate policies, but a lot is unclear.  All the police have to protect themselves and others are their gun and taser, but every time they use them, they will be scrutinized.

Watch the very stupid communist mayor:

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