Feds arrest ringleader of attempted destruction of Andrew Jackson statue


The ringleader of the vandalism of the Andrew Jackson statue was arrested. He’s facing a ten-year sentence. In addition to damaging the statue, he and three accomplices attempted to topple it.

Jason Charter, 25 years of age, was arrested at his residence Thursday morning, without incident, and charged with the destruction of federal property. These sources add that Charter has connections to Antifa and was in a leadership role on the night of June 22 when a large group of protesters tried to pull down the statue.

“They were very organized,” a federal law enforcement official said. “Charter was on top of the statue and directing people … they had acid, chisels, straps, and a human chain preventing police from getting to the statue.”

Protesters say the Andrew Jackson statue is offensive because he was a slave owner and because of his treatment of Native Americans.

Another man, Graham Lloyd, 37, turned himself in for similar charges in Portland, Maine, and had an initial appearance in federal court there on Wednesday afternoon. Lloyd is also accused of the destruction of federal property for his role in the attempt to take down the Jackson statue.

The President posted their wanted photos. Imagine you’re the person who is on Twitter and you see the President of the United States has you on top of a statue trying to destroy it. And he’s saying the person faces a ten-year sentence in a federal pen without parole.

6 25 20 Jackson BOLOs by Maura on Scribd

He wasn’t cowed by any of it, leading up to the arrest. He assaulted Jack Posobiec last week.




  1. Great, more important are the organizers and funders of the movement. Somehow I think the DOJ will avoid that.

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