Former DNI predicts grim future for Twitter & FB


Facebook and Twitter have gone off the rails with censorship of a mainstream, legitimate newspaper because they posted articles – here and here – detailing potential corruption by the Bidens.

Senator Josh Hawley said the censorship amounts to “rigging the election.”

Surveys show that 90% of the staff on Facebook and Twitter support Joe Biden. We also know that conservatives say the censorship is aimed 100% at Donald Trump, never Biden.

There are calls by some Republicans to immediately take away FB and Twitter’s 230 protection since they no longer follow the rules.

Former DNI Richard Grennell predicted the future for Twitter and Facebook as just another Craig’s List. That would be a shame but it’s very possible.

Most posters agreed. They are the new MySpace.

They are an arm of the DNC and they need to lose protections that they should not have as publishers and censors. These monopolies are taking away our First Amendment.


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