Former FBI assistant director talks of arresting congresspeople he opposes


Frank Figliuzzi, known for saying absurd things on cable, has taken an even darker turn to the Stalinesque dark side. He is recommending unconstitutional arrests of congresspeople.

This man is a former assistant director for counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Scary thought.

His comment is actually the normal progression in a socialist/communist takeover.

He stated on Meet the Press that federal law enforcement needs to proactively “attack” members of Congress who they feel are exhibiting “cult-like leadership” and whose public statements criticizing establishment politics and entrenched bureaucracy were, in the opinion of Figliuzzi and other commies like him, tantamount to “recruit[ing] people to violence.”

Who is he to decide their free speech is “cult-like” and unacceptable?

Members of Congress, like everyone else, have the right to speak their minds freely.

In Terminiello v. Chicago, the Supreme Court declared that one of the purposes of free speech is to invite dispute even when it stirs people to anger.

The “right to speak freely and to promote diversity of ideas and programs is, therefore, one of the chief distinctions that set us apart from totalitarian regimes.”

Figliuzzi apparently disagrees.

Watch this outrageous comment by a true totalitarian. Sadly, a lot of Americans appear to agree.

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