Former FBI Official Says Clinton Lawyer Sussman 100% Lied


Former FBI General Counsel James Baker — who now works for Twitter, said that he likely would not have met with Michael Sussmann — who is accused of passing on data that allegedly linked Trump’s business to a Russian bank — if he knew Sussmann was acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign. [Outstanding analysis Below]

“I don’t think I would have,” Baker said on the stand in federal court in Washington.

Knowing Trump’s political opponent was behind the allegations “would have raised very serious questions, certainly, about the credibility of the source” and the “veracity of the information,” Baker said. It would also have heightened “a substantial concern in my mind about whether we were going to be played.”

He also said that Sussman told him he “was not appearing before me on behalf of any particular client.

Sussman, Baker, and all of these witnesses are friends so there is some element of them trying to help the defense.

This is an excellent summary and analysis:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Baker had an important role in the crimes. He would have been involved in all major actions, including the preparation of the illegal warrant requests. As legal counsel, he of course would have evaluated the information in the requests, which 8 people signed and swore they verified and was valid. He was long rumored through the DOJ backroom leaks to be talking. He really was developing a defense for himself and his DOJ in advance. He as the lead counsel was in a key role to manage the criminal coverups. Now he appears in court testifying he knew nothing. He is testifying “against” a close associate and friend. He pretends to not know that in the heat of a presidential campaign Sussman presented dirt on behalf of Hillary. He pretends to have been duped. He is not credible, nor is Durham, to be using as one of his biggest witnesses one of the conspirators.

1 month ago

James Baker sees the writing on the wall and is already crafting his testimony to try and deflect his involvement. James Baker is a Swamp Creature. James Baker is a RINO who’s ideology seems to be very much in line with the Globalist New World Order thinking of the Bush 41. Remember, James Baker was a Democrat until he was 40 years old. A lot of Democrats jumped ship in the 1960s and early 1970s when the Democrat Party went Insane! “Rich” Democrats could no longer depend on the Democrat Party so they went to the Republican Party’s Globalist Wing. In 1971, the World Economic Forum was created with the support of many of these Rich, Globalist thinking people. As a Member of The Carlyle Group, James Baker must have thinking in line with the WEF.