Failed Ex-Fox Reporter Carl Cameron Wants to Put Fox People in Jail


Carl Cameron, the once inept reporter on Fox News, wants to put his former Fox colleagues — Tucker too — in jail. He’s on MSNBC now blathering some very poisonous and dishonest rhetoric. The failed reporter is also on other progressive sites because he has a message – every Republican is a Nazi. It’s dark and not true. Imagine thinking half the country is a Nazi? Or does he think it?

Joe Biden should be “taking some names and putting people in jail” over the right-wing’s great replacement theory, says Cameron.

Cameron told MSNBC that he believes his former employer and star host Tucker Carlson participate in the same kind of dangerous rhetoric that reportedly inspired the mass shooting in Buffalo, Independent UK, and Yahoo reported.

He equated what Tucker Carlson is saying — about people pouring across our open border to one day vote for Democrats — to the Buffalo killer’s racist screed.


Tucker has never said anything racist. What Tucker is saying has NOTHING to do with Jewish or black people. It has everything to do with the world replacing Americans at the voting booth in their own country.

The Sentinel just went over the great replacement theory this week. Bill O’Reilly said the theory is all over neo-Nazi sites, and it’s some kind of anti-Semitic thing that we reject. We don’t go to those sites so we take Bill’s word for it.

HOWEVER, that isn’t what Fox or Republicans are talking about. What we are saying is Democrats are bringing in people from all over the world to vote for them. They are doing it to displace us at the polls. That’s what Tucker means and what all of us mean.


Conflating those two things – Nazis and what Democrats are doing – is manipulative and dishonest.

Cameron, who is also the head of progressive news aggregator Front Page Live, said on MSNBC. “We got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation,” he said. “And when our two-party system is broken like that, democracy is seriously in trouble. The president acknowledged that. It’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail.”

Imagine thinking half the nation is a Nazi. Cameron is just evil.


The purveyors of untruths rest heavily with him and his ilk, not Republicans. In fact, several years back, a reporter and talk show host was invited to listen in to a conversation with Cecilia Munoz and other Obama apparatchiks and they talked about exactly that. They said they wanted to flood the country with foreigners who will eventually replace citizens as the power base. She shared the information on Mark Levin’s show. Unfortunately, she didn’t tape it, but it’s happening so we believe her. Watch the video on this link. It wasn’t called replacement theory – it was called country within a country.

Cameron’s likely referring to Tucker monologues like the one on this link.

With a little luck, the new immigrants pouring in will vote Democrat when they realize Democrats now represent exactly what they left.

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