Former NSC official warns of the coming dangers of globalism & The Great Reset


Former NSC official Michael Anton addresses the power the global elites will have under a Biden administration during an interview last night on The Ingraham Angle. Anton says their agenda is bad for the country, the middle class, community industry, and only enriches the people at the top.

The biggest drivers of income inequality are immigration, undercutting American wages, and bad trade policy, he added. Inequality grows under their agenda.

Laura Ingraham noted that at the Bloomberg Conference, many attendees are big supporters of growing other countries’ wealth — countries like China. Anton said these people don’t have any patriotic loyalties to their country and are happy to get rich outsourcing. Then they pat themselves on their backs for their morality.

Mike Bloomberg and his conference attendees want you to give up your rights to energy, but they won’t give up their private jets. Nor do they care that China and India are polluting the world.

Anton also discussed Hillary’s support for The Great Reset.


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