Reince Priebus: Trump’s campaign is correct on the law


Reince Priebus was on with Tammy Bruce, who was subbing for Hannity. She explained what’s going on with the election case in Wisconsin and why the Trump campaign is correct on the law.

Reince explained that Wisconsin is not an early vote state, but clerks have been allowing people to early vote via in-person absentee ballots.

“This is really a straight-up legal case in Wisconsin. …First of all, just for everyone’s understanding, Wisconsin is not an early vote state. In other words, back in 2004, the state’s elections committee said we’re not going to be an early vote state. So what’s happened over the years is that clerks have allowed people to vote in-person absentee early, which requires an absentee ballot application.”

Reince says Wisconsin is trying to change the rules AFTER Team Trump sent in 3 million dollars for the recount:

…After the 3 million dollars was sent in, the Wisconsin Election Commission got together and said we want to change the rules. As of today, the clerks so far in Milwaukee and Dane County haven’t told the Trump campaign yet if they’re even going to allow them to review the actual applications, which just strengthens a potential Supreme Court case in Wisconsin for a violation of the due process of an administrative proceeding.

Look, so far, so good in Wisconsin. It’s not easy, but on the law, the Trump campaign is correct.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Way things are going…”the Patriots” WILL have to conclude the matter…