Gates responds to a skeptical news host about the vaccines


Bill Gates, the vaccine funder extraordinaire, discusses the side effects of the new vaccines with a skeptical Norah O’Donnell in the clip below.

Gates was hesitant and a little too careful trying not to slip up it seems. The vaccine is being rushed and now there are rumors about significant side effects.

Once the vaccine is out, we will hear about mandates to get the vaccine before working, going to school, and so on.

British veteran journalist Neil Clark had this reaction to the Bill Gates interview, which came days ago: “When anyone tries to gaslight you by calling you a ‘crank’, a ‘tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist’ or ‘Flat Earther’ for having perfectly legitimate & sensible concerns over a rushed through ‘Coronavirus’ vaccine & its side effects, just send them this.”


What does “super severe” mean? We need a definition. The interview wasn’t really “super” reassuring. Gates is heavily invested in vaccines which is a good cause but it’s also something he is making a lot of money doing.

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