Former President Trump appears to jab at Hunter after he dissed Don and Eric


Former President Donald Trump appears to have taken a jab at Biden’s son Hunter Biden when he said that the key to being a good parent is keeping your kids away from drugs and alcohol during an interview this week.

Hunter recently belittled Trump’s sons, Eric and Don. As an aside, he’s also out lying about his laptop possibly being hacked by Russia. Hunter’s a tool.

Hunter has been open about his years of substance abuse issues, detailing them in his new memoir “Beautiful Things.” Hunter might as well be since everyone knows anyway.

Trump did seem to reference Hunter without saying his name during an interview with Real America’s Voice anchor Gina Loudon.

“You have to talk to them, you have to be with them,” Trump said of how parents should deal with their children. “A lot of people at a certain level, they have success, or they don’t have much time, whether it’s success or not success frankly, they don’t give their children enough time.”

Trump, who doesn’t drink and had an older brother who died of alcoholism, went on to stress the importance of keeping your children away from these temptations.

“You could have good children, but if they start with the drugs or the alcohol – and I always add cigarettes in there too, frankly – but I say no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes and I’ve said it for years to all of them,” Trump said.

Trump then said that he has stressed this so much with his five children that they start “going wild” in response to his fatherly wisdom.

“You know, they don’t like it,” Trump said. “But it really, so far, I think, has had a pretty good impact.”


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