Murderous teens will get a plea deal


The 13 and 15-year-old girls who murdered an Uber Eats driver during a carjacking in DC are reportedly getting a plea deal. These two didn’t even seem to care that the man lay motionless on the street. They were too interested in finding their cellphone.

Their victim, Mohammad Anwar, 66, of Springfield, Virginia, was driving for Uber Eats when the girls attempted to steal his car and tased him. That caused the crash that killed him.

The horrible scene was videotaped by a witness.

Very graphic:

The Washington Post sat-in on the virtual hearing for the killers on Wednesday, and report that the prosecutor had told the judge they were expecting to give attorneys plea bargain offers in the “next day or two.”

Additionally, D.C. Police Commander Ramey Kyle told FOX 5 that they are investigating one of the suspect’s involvements in another carjacking in January.

Fox 5 reports that “D.C. laws prohibit a 13-year-old from being tried as an adult. At 15-years-old, the D.C. Attorney General’s Office could petition for a case to be transferred to the adult court system. Court sources told FOX 5 that usually happens during the first hearing.”

That isn’t likely to happen. Let’s hope they get a lot of mandated therapy because they’re dangerous and not very empathetic.

The victim’s family has a GoFundMe page with a statement.

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