Former President Trump in Engoron’s Manhattan Court Today


Donald Trump was allowed to speak today in Engoran’s New York City courtroom in the civil case that could financially destroy him. The attorneys gave their closing statements.

Judge Engoron will release his decision in the next few weeks. He had already declared him liable before the trial, and Donald Trump wasn’t allowed to have a jury trial given the type of case it was.

Letitia James sat in the front, smirking most of the time. She was having a grand old time.

video via Kyle Becker

Trump had asked for a delay of a few days because he was dealing with the death of his beloved mother-in-law, and he did want to be with Melania as opposed to being in court. The trolls on X criticized him because he appeared at the Fox town hall last night and didn’t ask to delay that. However, attending a town hall instead of being tortured in a courtroom is quite different.

Before court this morning, someone called in a bomb threat, which delayed the closing arguments. Allegedly, Engoron was swatted as well. If true, that’s terrible, but I’d have to see the evidence. The Left could have set that up to bolster their allegations that Trump needed to be gagged because he was endangering everyone.

Trump denied wrongdoing and called the case “election interference at the highest level.” He said he was hoping to speak during closings “to help my lawyers reveal all the defects of this case.”

Judge Engoron had told him he couldn’t speak because he wouldn’t agree to his ridiculous restrictions.

During the afternoon break, Trump said, “this is a case that should never have been brought, and I think we should be entitled to damages.”

His attorney, ET Kise, spoke first and said that during the 44 days of trial testimony, “not one witness said there was fraud or identified a material misstatement” in Trump’s financial statements. Kise said later that one witness testified Trump knew he was committing fraud and that was convicted liar Michael Cohen. Cohen is a congenital liar, and Trump’s attorney pointed that out.

The financial statements had no impact on the loans that he received. He paid everyone back, and the banks were thrilled with the money they made. Alina Habba, the Trump Organization lawyer, said that the financial statements were drawn up by two financial officers who were not accountants. They relied on the accounting firm they hired for guidance. She said Cohen had portrayed the pair and Trump as being like the mob and engaging in collusion, but there’s no proof of that.

Cliff Robert, who is representing Eric and Donald Trump Jr. said there’s a lack of evidence. There’s no case. There’s nothing there. There’s no there there.

Letitia James wants $370 million from the family, a permanent ban on Trump doing real estate business in New York, and a five-year ban on his sons doing business in New York.

They are fighting over the worth of Trump’s businesses, and Letitia James wants everyone to believe that he’s defrauding the banks even though there is no victim. For example, she valued his Mar a Lago property at $25 million. Land nearby is being sold for $200 million.

James is trying to say he reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains by unlawful conduct. However, the Southern District of New York wouldn’t even take up the case – there’s no proof they were ill-gotten. Also, Trump didn’t earn money on the backs of anyone. He took out loans that he paid off with a lot of interest. It doesn’t make sense. There really are no victims.

Engoron allowed Trump to speak in court and was eventually cut off.

Trump spoke about the gag order and said, “this is all set up by Biden and his thugs to try and sneak an election victory that he’s not entitled to win, because he’s been the worst president in the history of our country.”

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Trump prosecutors seem to visit the White House often.