Fox gave a Taliban terrorist-propagandist airtime


Fox refers to Anas Haqqani as a Taliban member but he is one of the worst terrorists in Afghanistan, now a top official in Kabul. They wouldn’t want to call him what he is and ruin their chances at more interviews.

It’s not enough that we have the Taliban on Twitter and other social media to spread propaganda. Now we have Fox news “landing an interview” with a top Taliban official so he can spread propaganda on Fox without any pushback.

Fox reporter Trey Yingst “landed” the interview with the Taliban terrorist.

Of course, the Taliban’s Anas Haqqani said the US did not live up to the Doha agreement. He said the terrorists strapped suicide vests on to get Americans out of the country.

So, their terrorist acts and slaughter of innocent people are the US’s fault, according to the terrorist. Currently, his network is beheading innocent people who dared work with the US or the Afghan army.

Terrorist Haqqani claimed the US isn’t living up to their end of the Doha agreement and they have, which is the exact opposite of the truth. Despite the peace agreement, the Haqqani Network was responsible for the worst attacks against Afghan security forces in the aftermath of Doha with thousands killed.

The report by Fox was garbage. All they did was let Anas Haqqani spread propaganda. Where was the pushback?

Fox still hates Donald Trump, perhaps more than they had, and they won’t allow a lot of pro-Trump people on during the day, but this monster gets on air to lie.

Great work Fox!


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2 years ago

I’m not opposed to interviewing terrorist. At least 99% of the time they make fools of themselves. Our real problem is an education system teaching people that these terrorist are freedom fighters. These people are fighting to establish Sharia Law which is contrary to any civilized idea of Freedom.

This could have all been avoided with a 100 year agreement with the previous Afghan Government to keep Bagram Air Base and 3,000 troops to continue to train and provide support to the Afghan Army. The Taliban would have squawked, but they started an offensive in May which would have technically voided the Doha agreement. The Taliban wouldn’t have been able to do little about “NATO” keeping a presence at Bagram. We spend far more to keep Ramstein Air Base in Germany. If we kept Bagram we would have not only won the war, but kept the peace.

The withdrawal was a Traitor Barry plan to arm radical Muslims in the Middle East. If you read his Book you would have realized that Traitor Barry is a Closet Muslim Radical, but he cleans up well. People need to stop listening to what Politicians say, you have to analyze what they write and do. That takes a little bit of effort which is why voting shouldn’t be too easy. Voting needs to be conscious effort by informed people. Interviewing terrorist can be very informing.

The other lose is the resources in Afghanistan that could have been mined by American and European Countries. Now China has control of those resources. You can’t make me believe that Traitor Joe is not totally compromised by the CCP. Why is the Congress tolerating so much Treason?

Historic Fractal Pattern Czar
Historic Fractal Pattern Czar
2 years ago

Barry, Billy and Bernardine ordered it after their CCP paymasters demanded it.
Humiliation and turd world laughingstock status for Chiquitastan are a feature and not a bug to the Weather Underground Government.

2 years ago

Daniel Pearl thought he could interview terrorists also. The Taliban may not do anything at this time but he’d better not count on that for all time. But since Trey has shown his Hamas sympathies he may be just fine.