Everything this woman says about the Adam Toledo case is a lie


Everything this young woman says about 13-year-old Adam Toledo is a lie. He wasn’t complying with the orders of the officers as she claims. When he decided to comply, the officer had only 8/10ths of a second to respond. The officer only shot one bullet, proving he responded as soon as he could.

This woman in the clip below claims Adam Toledo’s character was defiled by the police and he was just a scared kid complying with the directions of the officer. This is the LIE that the far-Left Democracy Now is spreading.

Adam Toledo, aka ‘Lil Homicide’ or ‘Bvby Diablo’ as he was known by the Latin Kings, had gunpowder on his hand and ran from a shooting. CBS ‘News’ edited the clip of the unfortunate shooting so it looked like the officer was culpable, which he was not.

There is graphic footage available.


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2 years ago

I say let the Liberals in Big Blue Cities do away with Police. Then after the Liberals kill each other off, we can bulldoze what’s left and turn it back into farmland.

Cole Trickle vs. Ricky Bobby
Cole Trickle vs. Ricky Bobby
2 years ago

The plan is for Black Liberation Movement to be the civilian police force just as well funded as the military.
A Sobama Jugend Corps of true believers in the burn it all down by any means necessary cause.
Reparations and other extra curricular activities will be the order of the day when the United States Police Force comes into being.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

the more non-white people like her lie to build the myth that all white police officers are evil racist and that in fact all white people are racist, the more there will be hatred between whites and non whites.

all the lies of the main stream media, the political left and so many colored people are simply digging a deeper wider divide between races

yes some whites are fooled and feel guilt, but most are not fooled, they know this is a scam, this is an extortion scheme, they know 99 % of that are lies, and the whites who are not fooled see how evil those people are, and this is only increase racial tensions to a boiling point and eventually this will explode, figuratively and litterally

I am afraid this will soon degenerate in a lot more violence, possibly a sort of localized civil wars in a few US states

the left, the media and some of the colored people seem to want such an armed conflict

it would be sad, but they seem to do everything they can to cause one.