Fox Launches Quite an Assault on Tucker to Destroy Him


Every day, another hit piece on Tucker Carlson appears in various outlets, probably put out by Fox News’s PR smear machine run by Irena Briganti. Fox News is trying to destroy Tucker. We put a couple of the stories up. In one, Fox leaked a phone call of Tucker criticizing Fox Nation. The nearly-year-old call didn’t hurt Tucker. It made him look like an employee who wanted excellence. Fox Nation is a disaster in viewership, with 444,000 views in April. The site doesn’t work well, as Tucker said.

In another story, an ambassador to Canada appointed by Obama said Tucker’s speech and jokes are dangerous; Tucker is dangerous. His reasoning is Mr. Carlson is stirring up certain types of people who watch his show. He’s not only condemning Tucker; he’s condemning his audience as “dangerous,” he concluded.

Who made sure that quote ended up in the Toronto Star? Perhaps it was the PR flack Irena Briganti who is known to be vindictive and a smear merchant. Megyn Kelly has singled her out more than once as one of Fox’s problems.

Powerful Monologue

Megyn Kelly delivered a biting and powerful monologue in response to the firing of Tucker Carlson, mentioning Briganti and the non-stop leaks to the press to destroy his reputation. In one of the leaks, they said he used the “c” word about a woman [perhaps a woman who deserves it]. It was a private email never meant to “see the light of day,” as Kelly says in the clip.

In one of the funnier leaks to the NY Times (by Fox), they leaked his comment about his menopausal audience — menopausal women found it funny.

[Is that the best you can do, Fox?]

Fox wants to ensure Tucker doesn’t take his audience with him and doesn’t show up at Newsmax. As Kelly says, Fox leaks – possibly via Briganti’s PR hacks – describe him as a difficult employee. It’s what they want Newsmax to believe.

Erick Erickson who doesn’t easily embrace conservatives can’t say enough nice things about him, his honesty, and his character. He said he’s a nice guy.

Kelly also goes into Brian Stelter’s crazy speculation.


More on Irena Briganti

Megyn Kelly slammed Briganti, who, she says, is “known for her vindictiveness,” not only against reporters but also against women who might accuse men at the company of sexual harassment.

Irena Briganti

A 2008 Gawker post titled “Irena Briganti, the Most Vindictive Flack in the Media World” has Hamilton Nolan describing her as “the face of Fox’s feared, vengeful media relations operation” and “the female alter ego and mouthpiece of Fox boss Roger Ailes.”

Nolan followed up his first post with a slew of stories—anonymous emails describing Briganti as “she-devil,” “hatchet woman,” “crazier than a bitch on crack.”

Briganti gets accolades, too or she wouldn’t have survived this long, but there is no doubt she’s the dirty tricks gal.

Fox News Is Muddying the Waters

Rob Schmitt, a real conservative, has been covering the character assassination of Tucker as well, along with other Newsmax hosts.

Schmitt says Fox has aligned with Media Matters and is looking to become appealing to the mainstream. [What Fox doesn’t realize is the Left will always hate them, and they will lose the audience that made them.]

He included clips from Victor Davis Hanson and John Solomon. Hanson said they needed Tucker to appeal to the new Republican Party. He can’t imagine who will take his place.

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