Fox News Catches Release of Large Numbers of Single Male Illegals


Large numbers of single adult illegal immigrants are being released and transported into the U.S. in Texas via a small, unmarked office in a parking lot, video caught by Fox News on Sunday shows.

Fox News footage shows several federally contracted buses dropping off dozens of mostly male migrants at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas. Black tarps were set up with a makeshift sign said “Border Patrol drop-off” above it.

Our federal government is blatantly breaking the law and the silence from our political leaders is stultifying. We simply have to watch helplessly as America haters destroy the country.

Is George Soros working Joe Biden? This is what he called for.

Our ‘leaders’ are violating their oath of office.

These single men could be cartel members, terrorists, or future Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

They’re not coming for our values or to learn about the Founding.

The corrupt US government is violating the court order to keep these people in Mexico.

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Historic Gravyboat Czar
Historic Gravyboat Czar
2 years ago

We are going to add a small city every year under Brandon?
What about muh environment?

2 years ago

Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer was on CNN today and said Americans should care about Ukraine “because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations which is our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.”………Nearly two million illegals crossed over the US border in 2021…………But the Biden Regime believes Ukraine’s sovereignty should be respected !!!!!