Fox News Might Fire Sean Hannity Next


Melanie Morgan

Sean Hannity could soon be out at Fox News cable after the departure of his good friend Bill Shine, the last bulwark against the leftist Murdoch boys, James and Lachlan, and their wives. Sean has hired a team of lawyers and investigators to set up some protection against the onslaught that has taken down Bill O’Reilly, Shine and now threatens him.

Yesterday, he tweeted this:

The media is speculating that he is on his way out – it looks like they are trying to encourage the Murdochs to make it happen at this point. A Fox News spokesperson reported that it’s not true. However, if they can take O’Reilly down – and in record time – 8 weeks – they can take Hannity down too.

Also in the last week, Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney, two radio and tv personalities, have started a Facebook page, Stop the Scalpings. They are “very, very worried” about their friend Hannity according to a statement on their page and are spending money to advertise their efforts to save their conservative friends like Ann Coulter, Sebastian Gorka, Monica Crowley and especially Sean Hannity.

Sean tweeted the link to their page.

In an update, Ms. Morgan wrote:

Twitter has refused to take our money for a promoted Tweet by STS. My representative says this has never happened before. Coincidence? I doubt it. We will have to work harder to get our message of support out #StandWithSean.

Twitter takes money for anything and this is unusual. Their Twitter page can be found here. #StandWithSean is launching this week, with a press release distributed via a DC-based PR firm.

Ms. Morgan also wrote on Facebook:

I gotta say now that I’m very, very worried for my friend. I can’t reveal anything spoken in confidence but you’ve seen the stories posted here, and it doesnt look good for Sean, nor Fox News, our stalwart in the battle of ideas, our shield against the Left. Or for Ann Coulter, and the already victimized Monica Crowley, Jesse Watters, or embattled Fox TV News Executive Bill Shine.

Next week could be HUGE for Sean, Fox and the Media world. It could be hot lead whizzing from the Hannity Howitzers ..or Fox surrendering to to the Liberal Murdoch Bros.

My promise to everyone here is that I WILL STAND WITH SEAN. Will you? The time to choose is coming quickly upon us. Check back often and we will keep you updated.

The gossip about Sean being booted is growing louder and Hannity has suggested on Twitter that he will have something to say in the near future.

StopTheScalpings believes that with the recent departure of Bill O’Reilly, the door is now open for virtually any conservative host to be fired for dubious reasons.

Personally, I think this all might delay the inevitable – Fox is moving hard left. Or it could also be that the station is just trying to clear its name and the purges will stop, but the left isn’t stopping. The media has hit pieces out on almost every conservative on Fox News. We are to believe only the left-wing hosts and the left-wing media are pure.

Something just struck me. George Soros has ties to 30 U.S. newspapers and to networks. It was the Soros-funded group, Media Matters, that took responsibility for leading the efforts to get O’Reilly fired.  O’Reilly said during one of his podcasts that we would be shocked to know who is behind it but not really.

What if Soros has some control over Congress as well? He certainly was in control of Hillary Clinton and the DNC in the last election. He’s their socialist god.


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GOP is Lost
GOP is Lost
6 years ago

Far left? Doubtful. More mainstream…hopefully. FoxNews right now is completely out of touch, so far right and one sided it’s embarrassing. They need to tighten things up and getting rid of the regular “bloviators” is a great start.

6 years ago

This coup could have a huge effect on the Trump agenda. It would take 2 years to get another network going and available on all major services. By then the next presidential election is near. There are some big things going on behind the scenes. Fox is willing to sacrifice many millions to turn full left. Trump is backing off his agenda. Fox is just one symptom of what is going on.