Fox News Host Fired


Anchor Ed Henry was fired from Fox News after an investigation into a complaint about “willful sexual misconduct in the workplace,” according to an internal company memo obtained by The Hill.

This was an old complaint but the ‘victim’s’ attorney contacted Fox News on June 25th.

“We would like to bring a very serious matter to your attention in an effort toward full transparency given the many actions we have taken to improve the culture here over the last four years,” the memo from Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President and Executive Editor Jay Wallace begins.

“On Thursday, June 25, we received a complaint about Ed Henry from a former employee’s attorney involving willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago. We immediately retained an outside law firm (which has never represented Fox News in investigations or litigation) to independently investigate the claims. Ed was suspended the same day and removed from his on-air responsibilities pending investigation,” they said.

We don’t know if it’s an overreaction. This isn’t the first problem for him. He had an affair prior to this.



  1. Misconduct in the workplace years ago? And then the so-called victim comes out of the woodwork now? Sounds like snowflake revenge time.

  2. Sounds like Fox has jointed the left media outlets and suspended the “you are innocent until proven guilty”!

  3. The Fox culture has deteriorated over the past 5 years, much.

    Having an affair years ago is not cause for termination. Someone wants money.

    Henry was useless anyways, had no opinions of any significance.

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