Fox News Is Hemorrhaging Viewers


In her podcast, Megyn Kelly had interesting inside information about Fox hemorrhaging viewers. She also said Tucker is a friend, so she probably has a good idea of what he’s thinking.

Her best guess about Tucker’s future is he will go online instead of joining a network like Newsmax. One company announced on her podcast that they’d pay him $100 million for five years, but as she said, he probably won’t work for someone again.

Kelly began the podcast by reviewing the shocking drop in Fox ratings over the past week since they ditched Tucker. She added more information about what this means to Fox monetarily and for their future.  This is an existential threat.

As she said, CNN is occasionally beating them, and MNBC is consistently bringing in better ratings. Even Gutfeld is down. The daytime shows aren’t paying the bills, primetime is, and the numbers are abysmal, especially in the all-important key demographic.

Kelly discussed the leaker – likely Irena Briganti – with a trio of podcasters called Ruthless. It sounds like Briganti is Satanic but has the goods on everyone and can’t be crossed.


Peter Navarro is probably right, except for one thing. Tucker can afford to give up the money. He’s too young to surrender, and no matter what anyone thinks of him – he’s brave.

Glenn Beck had an interesting point about something Larry Fink said — BlackRock owns 15.1% of Fox News.

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