Fox News poll of Americans’ view of the Founding Fathers is “devastating”


Conservative author and commentator Ben Shapiro is being mocked on social media by the leftists for his comments on a Fox News poll about the Founding Fathers. He found the results deeply concerning.

A large number of Americans, and a plurality of black Americans, think of the Founding Fathers as villains. Sixty-three percent of Americans see the Founding Fathers as heroic.

Shapiro said these results are devastating to the future of the USA.

If only sixty-three percent of Americans see the Founding Fathers as heroic, that means thirty-seven percent of Americans either don’t know or think the Founding Fathers were villains. Shapiro said that is “devastating.”

The radical left has been promulgating this divisive narrative for decades and the poll, if accurate, shows they are making a lot of headway.

If you believe the country was “innately founded on sin and evil,” Shapiro said, it will be “very difficult to reach national unity and move forward.”

The hope I have is that it’s wrong. Fox News polls are notoriously bad. But we all know what goes on in public education is often unAmerican.

Too many people are getting the ‘hate America history’ of Howard Zinn or no history at all.



White voters (71 percent) are more than twice as likely as Black voters (31 percent) to consider the Founders heroes.

Those most likely to call them heroes include Republican women (82 percent), Republicans (79 percent), White evangelical Christians (77 percent), self-identified very conservatives (77 percent) and White suburban voters (72 percent).

Those most inclined to consider them villains include Black voters (39 percent), self-identified very liberals (37 percent), non-White women (35 percent), women under age 45 (29 percent), and millennials (24 percent).

At least voters want to hold on to historical memorials by a small margin.

By a 57-point margin, they think monuments and statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should stay up (73 percent). A total of 16 percent say to take them down.

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jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

Anyone with half a brain would never cite a Fox News poll… soon as those words leave your mouth you are an instant idiot.

Marilyn Crawford
2 years ago

Fox news can no longer be trusted. They are swinging left.

Paxton Worth
2 years ago

I thank God every day that I was taught about the heroism and wisdom of our founding fathers before the “burn it down and try it MY way” crowd took over the teaching duties. Millions of American children – and now adults – have been forever robbed of the pride of being an American.. They are people without a country. Pray for them.

2 years ago

Fox News Poll from Paul Ryan News Distorter.. These idiots merged with CNN

2 years ago

“A large number of Americans, and a plurality of black Americans, think of the Founding Fathers as villains.”

They’re just repeating what they’ve been taught since Grade 1.