DJT Attracted a Crowd 15 Times the Town’s Population?


Trump headlined the Pickens Independence Day Spectacular, and supporters came as early as Friday to Pickens in hopes of being among the first on Saturday to see the former president. He is leading in the polls among GOP presidential candidates.

Donald Trump’s crowd for the South Carolina rally was stunning in a town of about 3400 people. Pickens police said 50,000 showed up. The overflow crowd was enormous. Greenville News asked a Secret Service agent who said 15,000 attended. The paper gave no information as to how the agent came up with that number. Social media leftists claim there were 3,000 at most.

Say what you will, but no politician can draw crowds like Trump can. Many see Mr. Trump as a man of the people that the authoritarian Democrats seek to destroy with bogus Beria-like allegations.

The crowd was large because authoritarian Democrats and other globalists are turning the USA into a dark, authoritarian state without sovereignty or freedom. While many in this country are unaware, South Carolinians and their neighbors have paid attention.

Gov. DeSantis has been harshly criticized lately; much of it is lies, and he would be a good president. However, he’d have a learning curve and is accountable to many donors.


Many people believe Trump can save the country. It’s probably our last shot at it. He’s a person who follows through on promises.

The country is so far gone that it might be too late, but we must try.

The legacy media hasn’t said much, if anything, about it, and Jack Smith is looking to charge DJT with more serious crimes. At least, that is the latest leak from the leaky DOJ.

Donald Trump is the candidate who is candidly calling out the neo-communist globalists who hope to become our feudal Lords. He has flaws, but not enough for people to turn against him. He’s tough like no one else.

The corruption of China Joe and the entire family should be evident to everyone. And what do Democrats do about it? They want crazy Joe as president again. Joe’s a figurehead for anonymous people behind the curtain.

The people are sick of rulers, and want the power to say ‘no’ to globalism, open borders, elimination of fossil fuels, indoctrination and mutilation of children, wars, abuse of parents and anyone who disagrees with them, CRT, crime families running the government. And they don’t like crackhead Hunter driving 172 mph while smoking crack. Hunter is the son Joe is so proud of – the smartest man he knows.

As a footnote to this, there wasn’t one act of violence, and many of the attendees had guns.

Lindsey Graham was nearly booed off the stage. It’s because he’s the establishment. DJT’s base does not want any more of it.

South Carolina is MAGA! All MAGA means is Make America Great Again.

The New Democrats – not RFK Jr. – hate this hymn. The choir singing is the group told to stop singing in Statuary Hall in the Capitol building.

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