Fredo: Biden’s win’s “unprecedented, national change moment,” but NO, it’s not


Chris Cuomo lied or just doesn’t know anything when he proclaimed that Joe Biden suffered a huge, historic, unprecedented rejection because Donald Trump is on track to lose his election by 4 million votes.

“Already Joe Biden has received more votes than anybody else ever for president of the United States,” said Cuomo. “Why? Because this is a national change moment that is going on. On both sides. We have not seen passions like this, a sense of purpose like this, money like this, organization like this, structure like this. So, you got the most out of it.”

He continued, “The biggest has to be you, your friends, family, the people in the communities. You came out in a way that certainly defied my expectations and many of the experts. You blew away turnout models. Amazing. Huge rejection for Donald Trump. Nobody has ever gotten the spanking that he is getting in the general right now.”

He claims it is “historic,” “unprecedented,” and Cuomo thinks “it’s huge rejection for Donald Trump.”

No, it’s not, and you will see why as you read on.

CNN’s Brian Stelter later promoted the falsehood, calling it a “vivid comment.”


These are the fools who want to decide who the President is:


DC Examiner’s Becket Adams has absolutely correct figures in this next tweet. We checked. Chris Cuomo doesn’t even have the basic knowledge of history or the smarts to know he should check before he speaks. But, then again, what does he care, everyone just accepts everything he says.

McGovern lost by eighteen million because he was so far left. But today, communists/socialists (same thing) have taken over the Democrat Party.

And, by the way, no, Joe Biden, you don’t have a mandate to do whatever far left crap you are told to do!

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