Obvious next step! Look at who Twitter chose as fact checkers of real news


Twitter flags legitimate reporting about potential election fraud and then sends you to their official fact-checker. And it is none other than Qatari-owned, terrorist-tied, Israel and Jew-hating, fascists, Al Jazeera. They are a propaganda outfit. This is what Twitter thinks is journalism over US journalism.

As Dave Rubin said, “This was so obviously the next step. Figure out your off-ramp.”

Try Parler or Gab, they will keep getting better.

How would we know if voter fraud is rare anyway when we are never allowed to investigate it. And, rare doesn’t mean never.

Why would terror-tied haters want Joe? And, he’s not president yet! And, by the way, they want to pour people from terror-tied countries here — no ‘Muslim’ ban.


California Democrat Brad Sherman bashed them while being interviewed by them on their own TV station in July 2014. The interview concerned the state of affairs between Gaza and Israel.

“Every one of those rockets is a war crime… every rocket that is not aimed at a military target but is aimed at a city,” Sherman said of Hamas from Capitol Hill – it was live. “The owners of this TV network help fund Hamas.”

He went on to call the Hamas offensive launched against Israel “open season on those of the Jewish faith.”

Remember their party for a child killer?

Al Gore sold his TV station to these people:



  1. Twitter shows exactly who they are, and it sure isn’t American. Anyone on Twitter who has a shred of integrity left needs to get off.

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