Fredo hasn’t been wearing his mask, faces a fine


Chris Cuomo, Fredo, demands his viewers wear masks. He is highly critical of people who don’t on his primetime cable news show. Alas, he has been caught parading around his apartment building without a mask on.

The residents have complained and he is facing a fine if he doesn’t shape up.

Management at Cuomo’s Manhattan apartment building sent the CNN anchor a letter, obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” that warned him for repeatedly violating the order, and threatened him with a $500 fine.

A copy of the letter was first obtained by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

“You have been observed entering and exiting the building and riding the elevator without the required face coverings,” reads part of the letter published Aug. 6.

“Even though staff members have asked you to comply with this requirement, you have refused to do so. This is a violation of the Executive Order, building policy, and places other residents and our staff at risk. There are no exceptions to this rule, and you are required to comply.”

Tucker let him have it:

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